Who is TS&T

TS&T is a supplier of technology solutions that support the Traffic, ITS, and Lighting markets in the Mid-Atlantic.  Our founding principle is to provide quality service and products without compromise.  We have an established reputation in the industry, known for our integrity and responsiveness.  The level of individualized customer service we provide is valued for its depth and attention to detail.

We face the reality of having a transportation infrastructure that is aging and is supporting higher levels of vehicular traffic every year.  The resulting increasing levels of roadway congestion are having negative impacts on our economy, commute times, pedestrian and vehicle safety and quality of life.  In response, our industry is embracing new technologies that will help move traffic more efficiently and safely, while providing drivers an unprecedented amount of information with which to make informed decisions.

We work with our manufacturers to develop technology products, and with Transportation Professionals to integrate and deploy them along their roadways, all in an effort to mitigate our congestion woes.  We achieve this by maintaining close business relationships with our select group of manufacturing “partners”, ensuring that we provide only the highest quality products with a long term reputation for durability and reliability.

Our collective professional experience allows us to provide more than just quality products or service. We provide solutions to consultants and engineering firms that design our municipal and DOT road projects.  Our innovative design solutions are the result of years of experience, industry expertise, and an in-depth understanding of best practices for current and future technology.